Magie für den Amazonas

Der Amazonas brennt. Eine Katastrophe für alle Pflanzen, Tiere und Menschen, die dort leben. Und eine Katastrophe für uns alle, denn der Regenwald des Amazonas ist die Lunge unseres Planeten. Wir alle sind somit mittelbar betroffen – auch wenn die Rauchwolken nicht unsere Städte verdunkeln.

Die Brasilianischen Reclaimer*innen haben einen Zauber kreiert und rufen alle Hexen auf mitzumachen!

Calling all the witches from Brazil and the World!

I believe many of you already know that we are facing hard times with the extreme-right party in the government. Recently, our president signed more than 500 documents allowing the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon to happen, and our Amazon forest is burning for more than 16 days non-stop. It is affecting not only our country but ALL the Southern Hemisphere. We, from Reclaiming Brazil, created a simple and powerful spell with the Waters of The World and a sigil created especially for our Land by Laura Tempest Zakroff, and we are calling you for casting this spell with us. Let our government knows we are a Legion, we are not alone, and we are fiercely proud of being witches.

Spell for protecting the Amazon and our forests

This is Brazil’s Sigil. It was lovingly made by Laura Tempest Zakroff as a gift to our activist Brazilian pagan community to work magically in our country. We will use its power (which is described in the image of our post) as a magnifying lens, concentrating its power of action in the North of Brazil, in the Amazon. The spell works like this:

1. You can call the spirits you would like to work with you on this energy (deities, enchanted/fey people, Ancestors, etc), asking them for help and strength;

2. Draw with water, a special oil, ink, etc or print the sigil with its upper part (the circle with the asterisk inside) over the Amazon, like a magnifying lens that increases the power of its action on this place;

3. Say your prayer to increase the power of the sigil and to: 1) increase the rain to put out the fire, 2) protect the fauna of the place, 3) increase the resistance of the forest, 4) protect the people who live there, etc. You choose as long as you can increase the power of the sigil.

4. In the end, place a bowl of water over Brazil’s Sigil and the Amazon and cast the Waters of the World spell on it. Pour water into the vessel, visualizing that the Waters of The World fall on the Amazon fire, extinguishing the fire and nourishing the earth. Bring the force of the waters to this place, and repeat the enchantment: „May the Waters of the World run pure and clean“ toward the Amazon.

5. Conclude by thanking the spirits who assisted you, and leave the map with the sigil and the water vessel wherever you want for as long as you wish. You can only repeat the Waters of the World spell on it as many times as you can on the day, the week, the month. Remember: the more you accomplish it, the stronger it becomes.

Note: If you do not have a map, you can draw a large circle with the name BRAZIL inside it, to represent our country, and in the upper left part, the word AMAZON, to represent the location of the spell. It is about the word Amazon that we will act.

For a long time we thought we were the only ones who summoned magic and spirits to the work of Witchcraft. But today, with our poisoned Earth, it is the Land that calls us to heal and to be part of this revolution. Do you feel the call? Are you summoned to act?

The Craft will always act where there is oppression.


The original post in Portuguese:

Über Nymphenkuss

Naturspiritualität im neuen Jahrtausend
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